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*NotLive*Reading Your Campaign Summary

Your Campaign Summary provides you with a numeric summary of all the metrics for your campaign.  This article will show you where you can locate your Campaign Summary and also how to read all the elements of the Campaign Summary. 

Locating your Campaign Summary

1. Log into your account and select the Campaign you would like to view

2. From here locate the "Campaign Summary" button at the bottom of the page

3. You will then be taken to the Campaign Summary for this specific Campaign

Reading Your Campaign Summary 

When you first view the Campaign Summary page you will see the overview for your entire Campaign (see below.) This chart will help provided you will all of the necessary information for determining the success of your Campaign.

Total Content- the total amount of content that was created during the campaign 

Engagements- Anything that someone can do to a piece of content. ie. Clicks, Comments, Retweets


Paid- total reach accrued for paid content 

Earned- total reach from unpaid amplification (Retweets, Comments, Shares, ect.)

Total Reach- total reach for the entire campaign 

Earned Uplift- total reach of the campaign divided by the paid reach. This is the additional reach that the campaign delivered beyond what was paid for.

Campaign Finances 

Paid- amount spent for the entire campaign 

Earned- value added from organic growth 

Total Social Value- value that the campaign delivered

Total ROI- total return on your initial investment  

Below the Campaign Overview you will find more detailed information about your Campaign. Information such as the Total Social Value (TSV), Engagements, and total Content created can be found by clicking on the tabs provided. 

Total Social Value (TSV)

On the Total Social Value tab you will to break down the Total Social Value by platform for the Campaign. You can also view the Ranking by Highest TSV and lowest TSV for each of the platforms used. The chart will show you the TSV for the Entire length of the Campaign.



On the Engagements tab you will see a break down of the total Engagement by platform for the Campaign (ie. Likes, Comments, Shares.) You can also view the Ranking by Highest Engagement and Lowest Engagement for each of the platforms used. The chart will show you the Engagement for the entire length of the campaign. 


On the Content tab you will be provided with a breakdown of all of the Content for the Campaigns. This tab will show you the total amount of Content that was paid for and the total amount of organic Content that was created. You can also view your highlighted content and a breakdown of the numbers for each of those posts. The chart will provide you with the amount of paid content that went live over the course of the Campaign.

Media Metrics 

In the Media Metrics section you will find the total performance of the content that was produced. In this section you will also find the Compares, the Industry CPE, and the CTR.  

Compares- Compares is the campaigns performance against the industry average benchmark  

Direct Views- Direct views are the number of views that the content from the campaign received