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*Chat and Messaging

The Offer Chat feature is available during the bidding/negotiation process and during the content creation/review process. You can also access the Offer Chat feature after you send a Direct Offer. Please note that you must be subscribed to the Premium plan to access this feature.

Please note that you are not able to discuss pricing information or provide any contact information through the Offer Chat feature. Doing so will flag your chat session and it will be disabled. This will notify the review team to review the content and either enable or completely shut down the chat session.  

The following words, phrases, and symbols should not be used in Offer Chat to avoid having your conversation blocked by the admin: 

Blacklist Words:

 - Cash

  - Cents

  - Dollar

  - Dollars

  - Money

  - Buck

  - Bucks

  - Fund

  - Funds

  - Pay

  - Payment

  - Payout

  - Pay-out

  - Paid

  - Compensation

  - Compensate

  - Currency

  - Earn

  - Earned

  - Earning

  - Earnings

  - USD

  - CAD

  - Email

  - E-mail

  - Negotiate

  - Offline

Blacklisted Phrases:

  - My rate

  - Dot Com

  - Call me

  - My Cell

  - Phone Number

Blacklisted Symbols:

  - "@"

  - "$"

  - "¢"