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Searching For A List

Marketer lists are a great way to find vetted Creators and invite them to your Campaigns in one click.  

1. Log into your account and select the Lists button from the left navigation bar.

2. Once on the Lists page, you will notice all of the available Creator Lists. Each list has been vetted for quality and is separated out by platform (Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). In the center column, you can find the total number of members for each list, the list's overall star ranking and the total reach for that list. 

3. To view a list, simply click on either View or the List Name itself. 

4. You can search for a particular list by searching for a key term of your choosing. For example: "Female lifestyle". If you would like to refine your search, even more, you can filter your results. To do this click on the drop-down arrow next to Filter. You can then select how you would like to refine your search by selecting one of the filter options provided: 

  • Members- this is the total numbers of Creators currently added to a list. 
  • Reach- the total reach for your list. This is the sum of the reach of all of the Creators on a list. 
  • Quality- the average quality of the Creators on a list. This number is calculated by averaging all of the star ratings* for the Creators on your list and then dividing this number by the total members on your list.
  • Created By- the user that created the list. There are only two options to choose from; You or Exchange. The Exchange option is a list that has been manually created and vetted by the platform.
  • Platform- the type of connection this list specifically pertains to in the system. For example, this could be a Facebook-only list. 

5. You can select more than one filter option by clicking the next drop-down arrow next to Add a Filter.

6. If you would like to remove a filter simply click on the  next to the filter option. 

7. Once you have selected all of your filter options click Apply Filter. This will then bring up all of the lists that match your filtering criteria.