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Adding Creators To A List

Once you have created your Creator List,  you will need to add Creators to it using either Creator Search or Multi-Channel search in the platform. 

1. Once you have found a Creator that you would like to add to a list, click the drop-down next to the View Posts button and then select Add to List.

2. Select the list you would like to add the Creator to from the drop-down. If you have only created one list, the list you have created will appear first. Click Add.

3. Now that you have added Creators to the list, you can view the list by clicking on the List tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

4. From here, you can search for your list by name.

5. If you do not remember your list name you can filter the List results by clicking Filter. Click the drop-down and select Created by and then You in the next drop-down.

6. This will show all of the lists you have created.