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Creator Search

Not all Creators in the network are social influencers with social platform connections, so Creator Search was developed to help Marketers find professional journalists, photographers, and other content creators. 

1. From the Marketer Dashboard navigate to the Creator Search tab on the left-hand sidebar. 

2. Once on the Creator Search page, you will be able to search for Creators based on a keyword or by selecting various criteria. You will see that some featured Content Creators will initially populate before you search to showcase the types of creators available. These Creators have been Vetted based on the work examples they have provided.

3. You can refine the search results using filters by clicking the filters button next to Search. This search tool is extremely advanced and will help you to locate specific Creators depending on what you are looking for. Always include a keyword and the Creator Type first then start building out your filters. 

4. Once you select the filters button you will have two options that will dictate how your search results populate. Creators that match All or Creators that match Any. The All button at the top will pull results matching all of the filters you select below it. The Any button will search for results that match either group you create. 

5. Keep an eye on the sentence at the bottom of the search page to make sure your search is populating the results you want. When you are finished, click Apply Filters

6. Once you select your search criteria, matching creators will populate. You can view a Creator's profile by clicking on their name next to their avatar. 


7. The Creator profile flyout will show all social connections the Creator has connected as well as statistics for each one. If you click on the Showcase tab, you will be able to view all of the Creator's featured work. To view the Creator's full profile, select Show Full Profile from the drop-down in the upper right-hand corner. You can also send the Creator a Direct Offer from this page.