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Using Delegated Content Review

Delegated Content Review is a fantastic way to work with your Clients on Creator content review. With this tool, your Clients are able to make comments and annotations directly on the Creators content. Best practice would be to perform the initial review yourself and obtain revisions, if needed, from the Creator. This will provide a better experience for your Clients (you will have already caught spelling, missed requirements and general errors) as you will be providing them near perfect content. 

This article will walk you through using the Delegated Content Review once it has been submitted to your Clients. 

1. Once users start to review the Content you will notice the Reviewed and Not Reviewed boxes changing.

2. You can view their comments and annotations by selecting the Review button. 

3. From here select the Clients tab at the top of the Content page. 

4. You will be able to see the Reviewer who made the comment and also locate the annotation (high lighted in yellow) that was made from this comment. 

5. Once all users have completed their reviews, you will see all comments and annotations under the same Clients tab. 

6. To address the Users Comments, simply select Add Comment.

7. Once you have added your response, click Add.  

8.  From here you will need to address the users comments and send the annotations to the Creators. Taking the client's comments into consideration, navigate to the Creator tab and begin to annotate the content for the Creator to see. In order to request a change regarding a specific word or sentence of the content, simply highlight the text and an Annotations box will appear where you are able to add your feedback. Make sure to click the Add button or your feedback will not be added.

9. Once you have added all of the necessary comments and annotations, select Request Revision. This will send the content back to the Creator for editing. You can continue the process of reviewing and sending the content to your users until the content is ready to be approved.