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*Opportunity Photo - Creating a Fully Optimized Opportunity Photo

To fully optimize your Opportunity for the marketplace, you will need to include a profile photo as well as an Opportunity icon photo. These photos will appear to Creators in the marketplace in two different ways depending on how they are accessing the marketplace: 

  • Desktop Version: The Opportunity icon photo will appear as an icon to the left of the Opportunity name and account name.

  • Mobile App: The Opportunity icon image will appear as a large cover photo for the campaign and your profile image will appear as an icon. This image should help draw the Creator in to want to learn more about the Opportunity. 


To fully optimize your image for both the desktop and mobile versions, please keep the following criteria in mind: 

  • Your photo must be a minimum of 960 x 960 px (You have the opportunity to crop anything larger) If you are having trouble locating a photo that large, a Google search will tell you the dimensions of photos that come up in your search.
  • The opportunity icon image should not contain any text or logos. This is a chance for you to appeal to the Creators by using a nice image to draw them in. 
  • The icon photo and profile photos should not contain any cartoons. 
  • For the mobile application version, the square photo will be cropped to show the center of the photo:

(The darker sections at the top and bottom of this example photo will not appear on the mobile application.)


If you have any questions regarding your Opportunity icon image, please contact the Creator Love team