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Status Update - Sample Opportunity

The following article will walk you through creating an effective Status Update Opportunity that will provide Creators with enough information to create well written content. Please keep in mind that depending on the Opportunity type (Twitter or Facebook) these items may change or require more detail.

Opportunity Overview

When creating your Opportunity, you should provide the Creators with detailed information about your company/product and some insight into the overall campaign goals. 

Are you in need of a beach getaway? Coastal Travel, Inc has the solution! We have partnered with Ft Lauderdale Beach to bring travelers great discounts on beachfront properties and we need your help to spread the word! What could be better than spending a relaxing day on a beach lined with palm trees and crystal blue water?! We surely can't think of anything better!

Ideal Candidate

Describing your Ideal Candidate will help give the Creator a better idea of whether they would be a good fit for the campaign or not. For example, if you are looking for Creators within a specific age range or Creators who have an iPhone, that information should go here.

We are looking for a Creator that focuses on travel to partner with us on this great opportunity. You must be currently residing in the United States. Previous travel to Florida beaches is a plus but not a requirement. 


You will want to provide the Creators with some general requirements for their posts. For example, if you would like the Creators to refrain from mentioning any competitors in their post you would include this information in the Requirements section. You will also want to provide the Creators with some sample content. Providing sample content to Creators is a great way to help them craft their posts, while also helping to keep the content in line with your Campaign objectives. Please remember that you are providing sample content however, the Creators are able to change the message to fit their voice. 

  • Let your readers know that Coastal Travel, Inc. has great deals on travel this fall.
  • Please do not mention any competing brands in your post.
  • Sample Content: Thinking about a beach getaway? @CoastalTravel has some great deals on Ft Lauderdale travel! 
  • Sample Content: I just found our next vacation spot thanks to @CoastalTravel ! Can't wait to visit Ft Lauderdale beaches. 

Destination Link & Other Required Elements

You are able to add in one destination link that will automatically be included in the post. The link will automatically be shortened before it is posted so you are able to track the clicks. You can also require that Creators use a specific Hashtag or Mention your company/brand in the post.