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Blog Post Campaign Brief

This Campaign Brief will give you a starting point when gathering information for your Blog Post Opportunity. All of this information should be presented to the Creators through the Opportunity. 


Campaign Title:



What is this campaign about and what are you looking for creators to do? What do you want the creators to promote?


Key Talking Points

Are there any specific things you would like creators to mention about the product/brand? (i.e.: brand/product information, where to purchase, etc.)


Creative Direction

How creative do you want the posts to be? How brand-focused do you want the posts to be?  (i.e.: Creators can naturally incorporate the brand/product OR the brand/product should be front and center of the post, etc.)


Do Not Mentions

What would you like the creators to avoid including in their post? (i.e.: competitors, specific language, etc.)


Text Links

What link do you want creators to drive their readers to in the posts? What anchor text/keywords should be used?

*All links are no-follow links and will be turned into a trackable/verified link in our system.

Anchor Text (required): 




Anchor Text (required/optional): 




Anchor Text (required/optional): 



Disclosure Credit

Who is sponsoring the blog post?

Anchor Text (required): 



Photo/Video Assest

Please include embed codes for EACH asset or send via email. Note which elements are required. 


Ideal Candidate

What type of person do you want participating in this campaign? Please be specific.


Additional Notes


*Please include 1 Brand Logo (min. 960x960) and 1 Product/Stock Image (min. 960x960) to be used in identifying your brand and product campaign in our system. Creators will see this and we want to show your brand in the best light!