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*Navigating Your ContentAmp Dashboard

Once you create an account, you will be able to login to your dashboard to manage your ContentAmp Project(s). The main ContentAmp Dashboard will show all Projects that are currently live as well as high-level statistic about the Project including Amount Spent, Total Reach, and Total Clicks. You can also drill down into each Project and each Article as highlighted below. 


To view the ContentAmp Dashboard, click the ContentAmp tab in the left navigation. 

From the Dashboard, you can View the Project details, Pause the Project, or Stop the Project completely. Pausing the Project will allow the system to pull in new Articles however, they will not automatically be activated. Stopping the Project will prevent any new Articles from being pulled into the Project for amplification. 

Click View or the Project Name will show you details about the Project and the Articles that make up the Project.

The top section will show the Budget Per Article and the Default CPC which were set when the Project was initially created. These values can be altered for any new Articles but will not affect Articles that have already been pulled in from the RSS Feed. You can Pause or Stop a Project from this section and see the Project status (Active, Pending, Paused, or Stopped). The tabs on this page allow you to view the Articles within a Project, the Analytics of the Project, and the Settings of the Project. There are also similar tabs for each Article as you will see below. 



From the Articles tab, you can search for specific Articles by name and by their Status. Click the drop-down under Status to view the available options. This is helpful when searching for Articles that have live Content associated with them. 

Below the search bar, you will find all of the Articles within the Project as well as high level statistics about how the Article is performing. You can drill into each article to see more in-depth statistics by clicking View or the Article title. You can view the Article drill-down below or by clicking here



The Analytics tab will show the overall Analytics for every piece of shared content. You can filter the results by platform type (Facebook or Twitter) by clicking the All Platforms drop-down as well as by date range by clicking the Date drop-down.


The Settings tab will allow you to alter the Settings for the entire Project. Any changes made here will only affect new Articles pulled in by the feed. You can view a more in-depth walk through of Project Settings here

Grace Period and Duration

This is the only area that allows you to select the Grace Period and Duration for the Project as all Projects default to a Grace Period of 5 minutes and Duration of 6 days when the Project is created. The Grace period is the length of time the system will wait before allowing Creators to view and share an Article. The Duration is the length of time an Article is available to Creators. (If the budget runs out, this time may be shorter).


Article Drill Down: Analytics and Settings

You can view the Analytics for each Article as well as make changes to the individual Article Settings by clicking an Article name or by clicking View from the Project Dashboard.


Shows every piece of Content posted by Creators and how well each piece of content is performing. 


Displays the Analytics for the specific Article you are viewing. You can filter the results by Platform or select a date range. 


The Article Settings tab allows you to alter certain settings per Article. There are a few things to keep in mind for the Settings tab:

  • You are able to edit the Title and Summary displayed to Creators.
  • The Article Budget and Cost Per Click cannot be changed once an article starts. 
  • The Duration can only be changed while an article is Active if you would like to allow Creators more time to share the Article. 
  • You can select or deselect the social platform you would like future posts to go live to. This will affect any future posts.
  • You can also change the Creator's Reach and Community settings to reach more Creators or refine the list of Creators able to view and share the Article. 

Make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page in order for the changes to take effect.