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Funding Your Whitelabel

There are two ways to fund your Whitelabel in the platform by either requesting a Line of Credit or an Insertion Order. The following article will walk you through the process for each of these options. 

Funding Your Account with a Line of Credit

If your client does not have a specified budget for a program then you may inquire into a line of credit. If you require a line of credit, your Partner Liaison will provide you with the documentation needed to start this process- which includes a credit check and funding addendum to your License Agreement. Once your documentation has been filed the amount credited will be deposited into your Whitelabel and you will be able to allocate those funds to the associated Marketer account. 

Funding Your Account with an Insertion Order

If you know the exact budget for your Campaign, but have not yet received funds from your client you may fund your account with an Insertion Order (IO). In order to receive an IO you must provide your Partner Liason with the exact amount you would like allocated to your Campaign. Your Partner Liaison will then send the IO for signature to your Partner Administrator. Once the IO has been signed and filed the funds will be loaded in your Whitelabel for allocation. The specified amount will then be billed and payment is due upon receipt unless otherwise noted.