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*Creating Managed Users

IZEAx allows admin users to have greater oversight of client campaigns through Managed Marketer and Creator accounts. These user accounts enable multiple users to access and manage all of the activations for any given client under one dashboard. 

1. From the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Users tab in the left-hand menu. Here you will be able to view all users (Marketers and Creators) that have set up accounts within the system. To create a new Managed user, click on the Create Managed User button to the right of the search function. 

2. Complete all of the fields by entering the information in the boxes provided. When creating your Managed User, be sure to select the correct Manager to ensure the right person receives email correspondence for that user account. 


3. The auto-generated email address and chosen password can be provided to non-admin users for direct access to the managed user's account. Once the managed user account is created, be sure to Assume User to complete additional details and add an avatar to the account. 


To add an avatar, navigate to the Account control in the top right drop down menu. 


You can either add your own avatar, which can be a photo or brand logo, or you can choose to use an avatar from a connected social channel. 



To locate the managed user you have created, navigate to the User tab in the left hand menu bar. You can search users by name or find them in the list. From the User section of the admin dashboard, you can assume any Managed Marketer or Creator or view specific details about each account.