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Understanding Admins, Users, and Accounts

All team members will now access IZEAx through a single-sign-on as either an Admin or User. This will allow you to better control who has access to what Accounts in the platform. 

Three Terms To Understand:


  • Single-Sign-On
  • Admins are Users with special oversight permissions
  • Admins grant Users, including themselves, access to any account
  • Admins no longer need to ‘Assume User’ 


  • Single-Sign-On
  • Can be granted access to one or more Accounts
  • Users can set custom email settings for each account s/he accesses
  • Users will be able to switch between Accounts they have access to at any time


  • Creator or Marketer, never both
  • Must be accessed by a User Single-Sign-On
  • Accounts are where all marketplace interactions occur


A few things to note: 

  • By default, when Users and Admins log in, they will see the last Account they accessed but can switch to any Account they have permission to access
  • Accounts will no longer have direct logins 
    • i.e.: Many team members without admin access currently log into a specific marketer account using a system-generated email and password; now they will only ever use their user credentials to access their accounts
  • Account activity is currently only tracked by the Account actions, not individual Users, this feature will be coming soon