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Delegated Analytics Client Walkthrough

Client Walkthrough:

The following will walk through the steps the client must take in order to access the account.

1. The system will generate an email with the following information. Click Create Account Now to access the Campaign data. 

2. This will prompt you to enter your Name and Password for the account. 

3. The Dashboard will display any Campaigns you have been invited to view as well as some high-level statistics. Click the Campaign name to view more specific statistics and published content. 


4. You will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard where you can view the Opportunities for the campaign, Published content, and Analytics for the campaign. 

5. Click the Published tab to view all published content for the Campaign (regardless of platform type). The Show Details tab will show the approved content description as well as a graph of the content performance. 

6. Click the Analytics tab to view additional Campaign statistics. 

The information is updated as new content is published and as the published content receives new engagements.