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Granting Campaign Access to Clients

Granting a client access to an Enterprise account will allow them to review a list of Creators and/or view analytics for a campaign depending on the privileges you have provided. This article will walk you through granting clients access to an Enterprise account. 


1. From your Campaign Dashboard, click the name of the Campaign you would like to grant the client access to.

2. From your Opportunity Dashboard, click the Access button. 

3. Click the Invite User button. This page will also show any users you have already sent an invitation to. You can revoke access to any user by clicking the Change Access button. 

4. You will be prompted to enter a Name and Email address for the client you would like to provide access to. Make sure the check the Analytics box and/or the Creator Review box to provide the client with analytics information. Click Send Invitation once this information has been entered.

5. You will receive a notification that your invitation was successfully sent and the client will be prompted to create an Enterprise account.