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Delegated Creator Review

The Enterprise Creator Review tool was built to share lists of Creators with clients so that they can review them before they are on-boarded for the Campaign. This article will walk you through sharing this access with your client and will show what information is available to them. 


1. From your Managed User account, click the name of the Campaign you have shared with your client. If you have not shared a Campaign yet, you can learn how to do so here

2. Click the Connections tab.

3. Click Create New List. You will also notice a blue chat icon which will allow you to chat with the Enterprise user. 

4. Give your list a name, select the Social Platform, and click Create. Creators must be grouped by their Social Platform (Blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.).

5. Your new list will appear on the Dashboard and is ready for you to start adding Creators.

6. Use the Platform Search feature to locate Creators to populate your list. Once you have located a Creator you would like to add to the list, click the drop down to the right of the View Posts button and then Add to Creator Review List

7. Once you have added Creators to your list, navigate back to the list by clicking the Sponsorship button, then the Campaign name, and finally by clicking Connections. You will notice the number of Connections has changed and the Total Reach is displayed. Click the name of the List to view more details.

8. This page will show your list of Creators and allow you to:

Show Details

Click the drop-down next to Direct Offer and then Show Details.

This will show the Creator's Age Range, Gender, and Language.

Add Comment

This will allow you to add a comment to the Creator that your client will be able to view. 

Once you click Add Comment, add your comment and click Save. This comment can be edited if needed. You will have another opportunity to add a comment to a Creator once you submit them for review.

Submit for Review

This will send the Creator to the client for review. (You must have granted them access to Creator Review first).

Once you submit a Creator for review, you will notice a new icon over their profile image. 

You can withdraw a Creator from Review once they have been submitted by clicking the drop-down and then Withdraw from Review.

Remove from List

This will remove the Creator from your list completely 

9. Make sure that your client has access to review the Creator List by navigating back to the Opportunity level, and clicking the Access button. Once on this page, click over to the Confirmed tab (or you can invite a new user which will prompt them to create an account) and then click Change Access

10. Make sure that the Creator Review box is checked and click Change


Once your client has reviewed the provided List of Creators, you will see a tag for each Creator that displays the client's interest in working with that Creator. The available terms are Definitely, Maybe, Okay, Rather Not, and Do Not Use. You will also notice a number next to the tag which will indicate how many clients have reviewed each Creator (if you have sent to multiple team members). You can hover over the tag to see the names of the people who have reviewed the Creator. The color of this number will correlate to the tag the client has selected.