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Promoted Posts- Accepting Marketer Access

Now that you have connected your Facebook page to your account, you will need to accept Promoted Post Access.  Promoted Post Access will allow Marketers in the system to "boost" the content you create in the Platform. What is Boosting? This will generate more engagement and views to your post and hopefully your page as well. 

Accepting Marketer Access

1. Locate your Facebook page in your Account under Connections.


2. Select the Promoted Post Access tab. 


3. Here you will notice that Marketer Access has already been requested by the platform. From this point you will need to log into your Personal Facebook page with Administrative access to your Facebook pages. 


4. Once logged into your Facebook page, you will see a notification in the top right in your account. Select the access request notification


5. From here you will be taken to your Page Roles where you will have the option to respond to your Pending Partner Requests. Select Respond to Request.


6. Follow the prompts provided to accept the request. Make sure you authorize all access or the process will not work. 




7. Once completed, you will see a new Agency on your Page Roles dashboard. It may take a day for the changes to be reflected in your platform account.