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Creator Referrals

Referrals in the platform are a great way to earn a little extra when you encourage other users to sign up in the system. This article will walk you through Creator Referral Rates, Marketer Referral Rates, Rules/Restrictions for Referrals, Finding Your Referrals, and how to share your Referral links on your blog and other social channels. 

Creator Referral Rates
  • 0-9 creators = 2.5% commission on referee's opportunity earnings
  • 10-24 creators = 5% commission on referee's opportunity earnings
  • 25-99 creators = 7.5% commission on referee's opportunity earnings
  • 100+ creators = 10% commission on referee's opportunity earnings
Marketer Referral Rates
  • 1+ Marketer = 2.5% commission on their opportunity spending
  • Max commission payout per post/opp: $100
  • Referrals expire after a 24 month period
  • Creator referees must verify their email address and participate in at least one offer to be a valid referral.
  • Marketer referees must verify their email address to be a valid referral.
Where Can I Find My Referrals?

1. Select your Avatar at the top of your account and click on Account Settings


2. Select the Referrals tab.

3. From this page you can see the following information:

  1. How many valid referrals you have
  2. Your referral link to share on Twitter
  3. The HTML for referral Ad Units to serve on your blog

How Do I Share My Referral Link On My Social Channels?

1. Navigate to and select Account Settings.



2. Select the Referrals tab.

3. Locate your Referral link and select Copy Link.

4. Once you have copied your link you will be able to paste this link in a post on your social channels. 

How Do I Share My Referral Ad Units On My Blog?

1. Navigate to and select Account Settings.


2. Select the Referrals tab.


3. To access the HTML for your referral Ad Units, you must first select the Ad Unit size you would like.

4. There are three available Ad Units for you to select shown below:

  • Small Button- 180x150

  • Medium Rectangle- 300x250

  • Leaderboard- 728x90

5. Once you have chosen your desired Ad Unit size, click on Get Code. Your HTML code will be generated with a sample of how the ad will appear on your blog.

6. From here, simply copy the HTML to place on your blog. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Creator Love team here. They will be happy to assist you!