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The Bidding Process

Now that you have walked through the basics of the Mobile App, you are ready to start creating content. Similar to creating content in The Creator Marketplace this app allows you to bid, create, and publish your content directly from your Mobile device. However unlike The Creator Marketplace, you will not be able to create blog posts from this app. This app is only built for Micro opportunities ie; Twitter status updates, Twitter photos, and Instagram posts. 

1. Log into your account from your Mobile device. 


2. Once logged in you will be on your Creator dashboard. This is where you will find all of your opportunities that are ready for you to review, and if they are a fit for your connection you may then bid on them. To review any opportunity simply tap on the opportunity photo to view the Details page. 


3. Once you have reviewed your opportunity and made sure it is a good fit for your connections you are ready to bid. If you do not think this is a fit for your connection, then you may decline the opportunity by tapping the blue additional tasks button next to Bid and hitting Decline.


4. Now that you have decided this is a fit and tapped Bid, you will need to enter in the amount you would like to be paid for this opportunity. The minimum and maximum bids for this opportunity can be seen on the bidding page. If you try to enter a bid below the minimum or above the maximum you will receive an error. 


4. Next you will need to write your pitch to the Marketer. This is your chance to stand out from other Creators by telling the Marketer exactly why you should be chosen for their campaign.  Please do not include things that the Marketer can already see like your follower count, you will want to instead provide them with a reason your connection is a perfect fit for the campaign. Don't forget to submit your bid when you are done!


5. Once successfully submitted, you will see the opportunity under the Pending tab. To view this tap on the Menu Button on the upper left hand side of your screen. From this screen you can access your Pending, Published, and Completed posts. Remember that bidding on an opportunity does not guarantee that the Marketer will accept it. The Marketer may also choose to negotiate with you on the price you specified. You always have the option of accepting, countering, or declining their offer.