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Creating Content

Below is a step by step guide for creating a sponsored tweet using your Mobile App.

1. Log into your account from your Mobile App. 

2. Once logged in you will you will be taken to your Creator dashboard. From here you can view any new opportunities or opportunities that need content. For the purpose of this article we will solely focus on opportunities needing content. 


3. To start creating your content, you can either simply tap on the opportunity or swipe to the right and tap on "Create." Before you start creating your content make sure to look over the opportunity and review it's details. 


4. Time to get Creative! Once you tap "Create" you will be taken to the Content Creation page. There are a couple of things to notice on this page below:

- The link and mandatory disclosure that will be automatically added to your post

-Any required hashtags or at mentions. To find these you will just need to tap on the "#" or "@" symbol to view the required elements. Then you can just tap on the elements to add them to your post. 

After you have Created your content don't forget to hit submit! 


5. Once you have submitted your content it will move into your "Pending" tab. To view your "Pending" tab, tap on the menu option on the top left hand side of your screen. At this point your content is waiting to be reviewed by the Marketer. Once your tweet has been approved, it will automatically go live to your Twitter account. 


Your tweet will be paid 30 days after its publication. If you do not receive payment for your tweet there could be a few reasons why. Click here to find out more.