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Adding Your Twitter Connection

You can now add your Twitter connection directly from the Mobile App. This article will walk you through this process step by step!

1. Log into your IZEA account on your mobile device.

2. Locate the menu button at the top left of your screen and tap to view your navigation menu.

3. Tap on the Connections tab to be taken to your connections page. If you have any connections already connected they will appear here. You can also update your existing connections from this tab. *Please note at this time you can only add your Twitter connections from the app. If you would like to add any other connections you may do so from the website.


4. Click on the Twitter icon and select Add Twitter Account.


5. You will then be prompted to authorize the application to access your Twitter accounts. Make sure to click Ok or will be will taken back to the connections homepage. Once you tap Ok you will need to sign into your Twitter account and hit Authorize app*Please note if you are already signed into your Twitter account you will not need to enter your user name and password. 



6. Your Twitter account is now connected! Now you will just need to fill out your demographic information for your connection. We strongly suggest taking the time to fill out this information as it will help Marketers find your connections when they are filling campaigns.  


If you are experiencing any issues, please open a ticket here with our Creator Love Team.