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Platform Glossary

Account: The user interface through which all Connections, Offers and finances are administered. 

Asking Price: The price you would ideally like to be paid, per Connection.

Account Activity: The balance sheet details all transactions that have occurred in a Creator's account.

Bidding: The process of applying for an Opportunity. You specify how much you'd like to be paid as well as write a pitch detailing why you should be chosen by the Marketer. 

Chat: A feature built into the platform that allows Creators and Marketers to communicate seamlessly while Bidding on Opportunities, participating in Opportunities and creating content. 

Connection: A social media account and/or publishing platform that you own, such as Twitter, Blog, Instagram or YouTube. You can have multiple Connections for each platform.  

Content Dashboard: The location for all available content Opportunities (ie Article, Photo, Illustration, Video).

Deposited Balance: Reflects all the money you have deposited into the platform. When you deposit funds into your account you will see this reflected in your Deposited balance.

Direct Offer: An invitation to participate in an Opportunity. Direct Offers are made directly to you by a Marketer at your Asking Price.

Earned BalanceReflects all the money you have earned within the platform. These are the funds that are available for you to cash out to your PayPal account.

Offer: An Opportunity that you have either been matched with or invited to directly. One Opportunity has many Offers

Open Bid: Opportunities for which a Creator meets the targeting criteria, but have not received a Direct Offer to participate in.

Opportunity: The description of the task or content you and other Creators will potentially create for a specific social medium. Marketers make Opportunities. When the Opportunity is published and you receive it, it becomes an Offer.

Sponsorship Dashboard: The location for all available sponsored social Opportunities (ie Blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc). This will be the first thing you will see when you log into your account. 

Target Audience: Demographics such as Language, Age Range, and Gender that identify the type of people that consume your content. You should specify these for each of your Connections, as Marketers use this information to target Opportunities.

Topics: The Communities and tags that describe what your content focuses on. Communities are more general. Tags are more specific. You should specify Communities and Tags for each of your Connections, as they are used by Marketers to target Opportunities.

Vetted: Status granted to a Creator who has been approved by the internal Curation team. This review process is for Freelance Photographers, Videographers, and Writers only that have worked with well-known national publications.


Platform Glossary