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ContentAmp-Why Are My Clicks Not Counting?

Why Are My Clicks Not Counting?

To provide the best service to our Creators and Marketers, we have installed a third-party monitoring system which validates all clicks that come through ContentAmp. If your clicks are found to be fraudulent they will not count.

What Counts As A Fraudulent Click?

Clicks deemed to be fraudulent tend to originate from known data centers, TOR networks, or addresses associated with fraudulent activity in the past. If your posts are shared through a messaging site, shared links, or the same IP address it will also count as a fraudulent click. 

Will I Still Be Compensated For These Clicks?

Unfortunately, if your clicks are found to be fraudulent you will not be compensated for these clicks. You may also notice that these clicks will not appear on your custom analytics page as they are not a valid click.