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Upgrade Your Plan Using PayPal

Once you have added your PayPal email address to your account, you can deposit funds from PayPal to upgrade your plan. Follow the steps below to add funds to your account and upgrade your plan.

1. Click on your Avatar at the top and then Finances.


2. This will take you to your Finance dashboard where you can deposit funds into your account. 

3. Enter the amount you would like to deposit in the box provided. 


4. Select Deposit


5. Clicking the Deposit button will take you to PayPal where you can complete the transaction. 



6. Once you have successfully deposited your funds they will appear in your Deposited Balance under the Activity tab on your Finance Dashboard.


7. From here, you are ready to upgrade your plan! Select your name at the top and then click Account Settings.

8. Click on the Plans tab.



9. Select the plan you would like to upgrade to. The funds will be removed from your Deposited balance (if no Earned balance is available) and you will be moved to the selected plan. Please note that all plans are set to automatically renew every month. The plan fees will be charged to your account in the following order:

  • Earned Balance (if available) 
  • Deposited Balance
  • Credit card on file (if available)
  • If no payment methods are available, you will be moved to the Free plan