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Below you will find everything that is included in the Pro plan:

Bids- Members on the Pro plan are able to bid on unlimited opportunities per month.  

Cash out- Pro plan members must have $25 in their earned balance to cash out funds. If funds are cashed out before the $25 threshold is met, a $1 early cash out fee is assessed. 

Standard Search Sorting- When Marketers search for Creators in the Marketplace, members of the Pro plan will show up at the top of the search results. 

Priority Support- In addition to standard support access, direct inquiries from Pro plan members will be moved to the front of the queue. 

Standard Opportunity Access- Pro plan members have immediate access to all new Opportunities they are eligible for. To make sure your account is eligible for Opportunities, make sure to optimize your account

Account Banner- The Pro plan does include an Account Banner. The Pro Banner lets Marketers know that you mean business. Below you will find an example of the Pro banner. 

*This plan does not guarantee that you will receive more Opportunities to bid on.