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Once you have created your Marketplace account you will automatically be signed up for the Free plan. You can always update to a higher plan at anytime, but you are not required to. Below you will find everything that is included in the Free plan:

Bids- Members on the Free plans are able to bid on 5 opportunities per month. Once you have used you allotted free bids you will not be able to bid on any more opportunities for the month. 

Cash out- Free plan members must have $100 in their earned balance to cash out funds. If funds are cashed out before the $100 threshold is met, a $3 early cash out fee is assessed. 

Standard Search Sorting- When Marketers search for Creators in the Marketplace, members of the Free Plan will show up in the search results below Pro plan members. 

Standard Support- Free plan members have standard support access to our community forums. Direct inquiries will be answered in the order that they received. 

Standard Opportunity Access- New opportunities are subject to a 24 hour hold for members of the Free plan. Only Pro plan members have immediate access.

Account Banner- The Free plan does not include an Account Banner. Account Banners let Marketers know that you mean business and are only available on the Pro Plan.