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Once you have created your Marketplace account you will automatically be signed up for the Free plan. You can always update to a higher plan at anytime, but you are not required to. Below you will find everything that is included in the Free plan:

Bids - Members on the Free plans are able to bid on 5 opportunities per billing cycle (30 days). Once you have used you allotted free bids you will not be able to bid on any more opportunities until next billing cycle. 

Cash Out Threshold - Free plan members must have $100 in their earned balance to cash out funds.

Early Cash Out Fee - If funds are cashed out before the $100 threshold is met, a $3 early cash out fee is assessed. 

Vanity URL - The Free plan does not include a customizable Vanity URL to your profile page. Vanity URLs are easy to remember and share, like

Standard Support - Free plan members have standard support access to our community forums. Direct inquiries will be answered in the order that they received.