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Navigating Your Creator Dashboard

When you first log into your account you will be taken to the main page, your Creator Dashboard. From here you will be able to locate your bids and active opportunities as well as navigate to other pages within the platform. Let's get started! 

Navigation Bar

Sponsorship and Content

There are two types of Campaigns in the platform; Sponsorship Campaigns and Content Campaigns. Sponsorship pertains to posts that you distribute through your social channels. For example, creating a blog post and sharing it with your followers on your blog. Content refers to Articles, Infographics, and Images that are delivered directly to the brand without distribution on your social channels. For example, writing an article that could be used either on a Brand's website or in a newspaper/magazine. You can find more information about creating content for these types of opportunities here. 


ContentAmp allows Creators to promote various types of content on their social media channels. With ContentAmp, Creators have the ability to review and share content for commission. Once the Creators share their chosen piece or pieces of content, they will be paid for their work on a Pay Per Click basis. To learn more about ContentAmp click here! 


If you have participated in a Campaign and have expenses that need to be reimbursed, you can request a payment from the Marketer on your Payments tab. The Payments tab is not to be used for requesting payments from Marketers for any Sponsorship or Content Opportunities that you have completed through the platform. You can find more information about your Payments tab here.

Balance Button

The Balance button located at the top of your account will show you how much you have in your Earned Balance (earnings from Opportunities you have participated in). You can also use this button to navigate to Finance Dashboard.

Notification Center 

Next to your Balance button, you will see your Notification Center icon. This icon will take you directly to your Notification Center for all of your Offer Chats. Once on the Notification Center Dashboard, you can navigate through all of your Offer Chats with the Marketers. 


Account Avatar

Next to your Notification Center icon, you will see your account Avatar. Your account Avatar will be the image that is displayed to Marketers when they are searching for Creators in the system. This is essentially your brand image, so make sure to choose your account Avatar wisely. 

You can change your account Avatar by selecting the arrow next to your name and then selecting Account Settings

Navigating Your Bids/Offers 

When working in the platform, your bids and offers tabs will provide you with all of the necessary information for bidding on opportunities and creating content.  The New, Pending, Completed, and Canceled tabs will help you to navigate through the bidding process. The Actions Required tab, provides you with valuable feedback regarding your current active opportunities. Below you will find a detailed description of each of the tabs: 

Actions Required 

On the Actions Required tab, you will find approved content waiting for you to publish, approved Bids ready for you to submit content for, Bids in negotiation, and change requests for submitted content. 


The New tab is where you will find new Bids for you to act on and Direct Offers awaiting your approval.


The Pending tab is where you will find Bids and content you have submitted that are pending a Marketers approval. You can also view content you have submitted to the Marketer for review and content that is waiting to be published. 


On the Completed tab you will find Bids you have completed or content that has been completed but has failed verification


On the Canceled tab, you will find Bids you have declined and Bids you submitted that were not approved by the Marketer. 

If you have any additional questions regarding your Creator Dashboard, open a ticket here with our Creator Love team. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.