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How To Reopen An Expired Bid

If you receive an offer from a Marketer but do not respond before the offer expires, you still have a chance to participate in the Campaign by reopening the offer from your end. This article will walk you through reopening your Bid. *Please note that you may only reopen offers that have been marked as "Deadline missed by you" as shown below:

How to Reopen an Expired Offer

1. Navigate to the Canceled tab on your dashboard. 

2. Scroll down to the offer(s) that you would like to reopen and click Reopen.   

3. The offer will move to your Pending tab and be sent back to the Marketer for approval. *Please note that once the offer is in this state, there is no guarantee that the Marketer will approve the offer again as most Campaigns are on a tight time frame.