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Publishing Your Instagram Video

The platform does not have the ability to publish to your Instagram feed on your behalf. You will have to login into your account on a mobile device to publish your approved content. This article will walk you through publishing your approved Instagram Video. 

Publishing Your Instagram Video From Your Mobile Device:

Step 1: Find the video on your mobile device. It should be the same video you see in the 'Post Preview' section. *Do not add any filters or emojis at this point. If you do, your content will fail verification.

Step 2: From your mobile device, select and copy this text. Your post's caption must match or it will not validate.


Step 3: Using the video and caption from above, submit your post to Instagram from your mobile device.

Step 4: Once your video is posted to Instagram, click the "..." icon above your video and select Share. Then, paste that URL below. 


If you are still experiencing an issue publishing your post, please open a ticket here.