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Additional Files

Marketers have the ability to add additional Files/Links to their Opportunities. If the Marketer has added Files/Links to their Opportunities you will see them during the bidding process and also during the Content Creation phase. These materials are meant to be supplemental and should not replace or change the requirements for your post. 

If you need to add any of the supplemental materials to your post, you will be able to access and download them from the Content Creation page. This article will walk you through adding additional Files/Links. 

1. Log into your account and select Create under Needs Content. 

2. Depending on the Requirements from the Marketers, they may ask you to include one or more of the supplemental materials in your post. For example, in this Opportunity, the Marketer has asked that you use one of the provided photos in your post. You will need to download one of the photos and upload it to the photo editor. 

Downloading Photos From Additional Files 

Once on the Files tab, you will be able to view all Files/Links available to you. Select View to download the file you would like to use for your post. The File will download to your desktop, where you can save the image.

Once your image has been saved select Upload Photo and choose your saved image. 

Opening Links From Additional Files

Once on the Files tab, you will be able to view all Files/Links available to you. Select View to view the link you would reference for your post. 

The link will open in another window on your desktop, where you can review the materials.

3. Once you have uploaded your image and reviewed your additional materials you will need to finish creating your content. To do this click on Upload Image to insert the previously downloaded image. Please note that images must follow these requirements:

  • Maximum file size 3MB
  • JPG or PNG only

4. A pop up will appear where you can crop your image as desired. Once you have cropped your image, hit Crop

5. If after saving your image you find that you would like to change it, you may do so by hovering over and clicking on the image. 

6. Now that you have uploaded your image, you will need to create the description for your image in the box provided.

7. Along with your custom content, your description must include all of the additional required elements as set by the Marketer. The required elements can simply be dragged and dropped into your content by clicking on the arrows on the far right-hand side. 

8. You may also choose your custom discourse for your post, by checking one of the disclosure boxes on the far right-hand side. This disclosure will automatically appear in your post. 

9. After you have finished creating your content you will be able to view a preview of how your content will appear once it has been posted to your Twitter feed. If you are satisfied with the way your content looks, hit Submit to send to the Marketer for approval. *Remember DO NOT post this on your Twitter. Once it has been approved the system will automatically publish it for you. 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Creator Love team here. They will be happy to assist you!