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Becoming Eligible for ContentAmp Projects

How Do I Become Eligible For ContentAmp?

In order to become eligible to participate in ContentAmp projects, your Facebook and Twitter connections must be added to your account. Before you add your connections we suggest ensuring they meet the following criteria:

  • Connection must be a minimum of 90 days old
  • Connection must have a minimum number of followers/fans to be eligible (a minimum of 500 followers)
  • Connection must not contain a content gap of more than 90 days
  • Connection must be public (accessible to anyone)
  • Connection must contain a majority of original content (at least 75% original content excluding retweets, reposted shared content, GIFs, or memes)
  • Connection must be in a supported language (English, Spanish, French other as required by the Opportunity);
  • Connection may not contain content that is inappropriate, illegal or violates the Marketplace Guidelines detailed in Section 7 of our Terms & Conditions

If you have any additional questions or run into any issues, please open a ticket here with our Creator Love team. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.