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SocialSearch™ is a tool that allows Creators to track groups of hashtags on Twitter. 

To access and utilize the SocialSearch™ tool

1. Click on the Tools tab on the left hand side of the page.

2. Click the Go to SocialSearch button.

3. Click Create New Group. 

4. You will need to select a name for your group and then begin entering your hashtags. You can search for multiple hashtags by including a space between separate tags. Click Submit once you are done.

5. Your Group has now successfully been created and the system will begin searching for instances of the provided hashtags across Twitter. The SocialSearch tool will provide information such as: 

-A map showing location of Tweets across a world map

-The number of Tweets over the last 30 days

-The number of Retweets over the last 30 days

-The number of Tweets by Verified Users

-The number of Tweets with Links

-The number of Tweets with Media

-The Domains in the Tweets

-The Links in the Tweets


You can also view the content recently posted using the selected hashtag by clicking on the Content tab.