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ShareMonitor™ is a tool that allows Creators to track URL's across multiple social sites. 

To access the ShareMonitor™ tool: 

1. Click on the Tools tab on the left hand side of the page.

2. Click the Go to ShareMonitor button.

3. Click Create New Group.

4. You will need to select a name for your group, a Community that makes sense for your group, and then begin entering your URL's. Make sure to only enter one URL per line if you would like to track multiple URL's within this group.

5. Your Group has now successfully been created and the system will begin searching for instances of the provided URL's across multiple social media sites. This information will be updated once daily so check back often to see how your URL's are being shared across the social networks. 

From this page, you can click Edit Group at the top to add any additional URL's or to change your group name. 

To edit or remove existing URL's, you can click on the action buttons to the right of the URL you are wanting to make a change to that particular URL. 

You can download a report of this information by clicking the Download PDF Report button. This report will include the following information: 

-Content Sharing Overview

-Top 3 Most Shared URLs

-All Shares Recap

-Top 2 Screenshots

Please note that this data is not retro-active and will start tracking from the day you enter the URL.


Your selected plan may limit the number of URL's you are able to track. To review the benefits of the plans, please visit the Plans section of this help desk