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Account Activity

From the Account Activity tab, you will be able to track all of the activity for your account since it was opened. This article will walk you through locating and reading your Activity Log.

1. Click your name at the top and then Account Settings

2. This will bring you to the Account Profile tab. From here, click the Activity tab. 


3. This will take you to your account Activity Log. From this page you can view the following information:

Name- For ContentAmp this will always say Exchange Automated Process

Date- the exact date of the activity/action that was taken (ie, Article Created, Article Funded, etc.)

Activity- what action was either requested or completed

Info- the Project/Article name and the connection that was used for that particular opportunity

Amount- amount paid for a particular Project/Article 

4. If you would like to look further back into your Activity log, simply click on the page number you would like to view. 


If you have any questions regarding your Activity Log, please reach out to our Creator Love team here. They will be happy to assist you!